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Dear Reader


It is a long time since you received a newsletter from me (December 2016!)

There is a good reason for this - the financial world has changed a lot and is in the middle of a disruptive change. (Wikipedia: A disruptive technology refers to an innovation that creates a new market)


The future is digital!


The digital world is changing everything -> think disruptive!

Google has replaced the Yellow Pages; AirBnB stirs the hotel / tourism industry; the car had replaced the horse-drawn carriage; Netflix makes video stores superfluous; Uber competes with taxis.


Our current banking / financial system was founded in 1923 with the creation of the US Federal Reserve Bank (FED) in New York. However, 100 years before the German banker Mayer Amschel Rothschild says, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws "


The FED is officially the Central Bank of America but it is a private bank, owned by private banks and used for their financial benefit ...

Banks today offer their customers usually a poor service or none - except of course the charging of the expenses.


“Bitcoin could be the fission of the banking system” (Hans Geiger, Banking Professor)


Initially Bitcoin was a social experiment, now it is a global economic factor - and now worth MORE than gold!


With a crypto Wallet (Bitcoin or Altcoin) you not only have a Swiss bank account in your pocket, but rather a Swiss bank (statement by Aaron König)!


The potentials of crypto currencies are mainly in developing countries. Here it will be like with the telephony; from nothing, overleaping the landline telephone into the mobile communication. From the lack of a proper financial infrastructure into the cryptocurrency with the mobile-phone as payment tool! The bankaccount of emerging markets is the mobile-phone. Western Union has had its days…


The blockchain technology (on which the cryptic currencies are based) is probably more important and bigger than the Internet!


It can NOT be manipulated. And - this technology opens up totally new prospects for growth.

A blockchain is a large database that is not on a single server, but is decentralized, distributed among many computers worldwide - and every participant has the same access rights. It is encrypted (cryptic). It is also known as an electronic cash account.


Cash money - soon history?


This statement is discussed in the media – please have a look at this short video. Exciting report on the abolition of cash! What awaits us ...!?


watch this video


This is precisely the reason why I am dealing with the purchase, mining and trading of crypto currencies.


I advise you too to keep a portion of your assets in crypto currencies.




Everything that can be decentralized will be decentralized - whether it fits the banks, governments etc. or not! The zeitgeist is stronger than the resistance. The blockchain is the bank of the cryptographic currencies.


This new (digital) world is interconnected rather than a fight against each other!!


Here people are treated as human beings. And it's a world of freedom and truth.

For me as a longtime contrarian I am very comfortable with these developments! (unfortunately, I missed the beginning of Bitcoin - did not believe in it ...)

I personally could leave the rat race "working hours in exchange for money."


To coach people as a mentor has always been my passion. Now I accompany them to their financial freedom. The retirement system is already very much in question ... and the savings account is a credit to (financially weak) banks.


But please - my newsletter is NOT intended that you now just go out and buy Bitcoins - it's not that simple and absolutely not advisable! There are about 800 traded crypto currencies… ...



I am happy to advise you.


Kind regards from the beautiful autumn




PS  In today's zeitgeist, the hacker industry is also very present – pay attention to your credit cards, passport etc. - this is simple by just buying a wallet which is RFID secured – for example here - http://portemonaie.ch/kreditkarten/index.htm

Please make sure that it is "RFID protected"


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          Neutral advice


          Coaching / mentoring to financial freedom/independence


          Digital Investments


          Conservative investments with attractive returns


          GOLD - physically (outside of the bank) = fire insurance!



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