Zürich February 2018


Dear Reader and Investor


Yes, the prices of Bitcoin & Co. are erratic, to say the least!


Means - it's a new world with its own rules.


We just had a correction of 70% (if this was all..) - from Bitcoin BTC / US $ 20,000 to $ 5,800.


And now we flirt again with the $ 10,000 level!




But ... this is "normal" in the crypto markets.


Let's have a look at former corrections



What does this mean?


The fundamentals were NOT attacked.

Thanks to the media Hyp about Bitcoin since about November 2017 many small investors have come into this market without knowing how it works! Thus, these investors quickly become cold feet and get out of the market (usually with a loss).

As I stated in my last newsletter - extreme volatility in the short run was expected.


Striking: the rise of Bitcoin (from US $ 5,000 to US $ 20,000) went much quicker and shorter than the subsequent correction in recent weeks! In the traditional markets such as stocks, gold, bonds, it is exactly the opposite: long upward abruptly down.


Let's have a look at the stock market:




What is happening here?



Means: a lot of market participants in the US stock market are AFRAID!


Back to our Bitcoin - there it looks like this




http://www.tradingview.com 1 year Bitcoin


What's next?


The current correction is important and healthy for the BitcoinMarkt in order to get rid of all those speculators!


A Hype (about Bitcoin in the media) is important so that the new technology can establish itself.



I keep my longterm positive attitude towards the crypto currencies.


Bitcoin could have another correction (possibly as low as US $ 2,500), or it raises in a very short period towards US $ 30,000. In the longer term it will increase.


The volatility will stay with us.


I recommend investments in mining companies - the yield is paid in Bitcoins - then YOU also participate (without the headache of where the price of Bitcoin is)


I have very exciting offers. Are you interested - simply call me.


with kind regards





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